Getting Wild Salmon Direct to Your Home

Getting Wild Salmon Direct to Your Home

There is everything to be admired in the deep and cold waters off Alaska’s coast: pristine marine ecosystems that have been spared the ravages of human-caused pollution and destruction; a wide variety of seafood species in abundance and being harvested conscientiously and sustainably for many generations now; and the promise of the boldest and most appealing flavors in the culinary world. The most admired and desired of all of Alaska’s seafood (and other) products is without a doubt wild and fresh Alaskan salmon-and now, with a little cluing in on how to ship salmon, anybody can have this fine product delivered to their doorstep.

It used to be that only major restaurants and seafood markets and supermarkets, or the odd millionaire, could get salmon shipped to them straight from Alaska-we’re talking about fresh salmon here, not canned or smoked salmon. We all had to be contented to take the word of the employee at out local market that the salmon we were buying was actually fresh, though we knew that it had probably been sitting there for days on end. Today, however, this is no longer the case, as it is very simple to find out how to ship salmon from its source in Alaska-just caught-to virtually any place in the country, overnight!

There are a wide variety of businesses that have entered the salmon shipping market over the last few years, driving competitiveness up and prices down. Really all a person needs to do is go online and do a quick search on “how to ship salmon” and a long list of businesses should pop up. What can be discerned from the various websites one can visit after conducting this search is that most of the best operations are delivering their salmon products via FedEx overnight express delivery, which means that your salmon won’t have time to go bad. Kept in a properly sealed box with dry ice, the fish will be good as new once you thaw it out, and you won’t even be able to tell the difference with a piece of salmon that had never been frozen.

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