How the Renter or Homeowner Can Thwart a Thief

How the Renter or Homeowner Can Thwart a Thief

If you rent an apartment, your chances of being victimized by a thief are arguably greater than a private homeowner because of the relative ease of access into the building. But make no mistake about it. The risks that homeowners confront are monumental as well.

Thieves can try to enter your rented or owned property in the event you are in or not. Of course, it’s all the easier if you are away on vacation.

This article first focuses on methods the renter can take to prevent becoming victimized.

How a Renter Can Avoid a Break-In:

1. Ask your insurance agent what type of renters insurance makes the most sense for you so that you will be adequately protected from any theft loss or associated damages.
2. Know who your neighbors and landlord are in order to be able to recognize who does not belong in the building.
3. Ask your landlord if its OK to place extra locks on your door as an added measure of security against an illegal entry attempt.
4. Place a sturdy rod in between the door to your balcony to prevent an outsider from getting in.
5. Check the lock on your storage bin and install a new one if it is not in good working order.
6. Never let anyone in from the entrance to the building without recognizing it is safe to do so through intercom recognition.
7. Install a security system crafted for use by the apartment renter.
8. Do not leave costly things on the porch and hide contents of your home from prying eyes by closing the window shades, etc.

Now, we focus on the home owner.

How a Home Owner can Prevent a Robbery:

1. Ask your insurance specialist to review your policy so that there will be no gaps in protective coverage.
2. Have a good security system in place.
3. Even if you do not have a security system, post a sign about a dog or an alarm and put up fake security cameras – all to deter criminals.
4. If you are going on vacation, pack up your car while it is in the garage or do it in a manner that is not noticeable.
5. Hide valuables in a secure home safe out of the way of anyone looking to steal things.
6. Ask a neighbor to watch you house while you are away.
7. Before going away, set your lights on a timer so they will go on and off as if you are inside.
8. Ask a neighbor or friend to fetch your mail and newspaper while you away.
9. Have someone park their car on your driveway while you are away.
10. Never leave a ladder or anything else outside your home that could assist a thief in getting inside.

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