Tips for Shifting in Bengaluru

Tips for Shifting in Bengaluru

India’s Garden City and Silicon Valley, Bengaluru is one of India’s most desirable cities. From careers to ‘nature’s AC’, from great nightlife to a peaceful retired life, it means many things to many people. No wonder, then, that there is a year-round influx of people shifting in Bengaluru, each moving in with their own ‘grand dream’. Having said that, being a destination of metro-esque proportions and particulars, the act of relocation to Bengaluru – whether you are moving office or home – brings its own set of Do’s & Don’ts. So here are certain things to keep in mind when you are packing and moving to Bengaluru.

The cost of living in Bengaluru can be on the higher than other places. In particular, the cost of accommodation, food and travel can be on the higher side – sometimes considerably. Sharing – particularly for bachelors – offers an easy solution. When you add in the cost of food, raw materials, cleaning, maintenance and domestic help, the costs can go high. If you decide to eat outside, or rent a meal service, they can be expensive too – so do keep extra moolah aside and plan for your new lifestyle accordingly.

They say language is a big leveler. So if you feel ‘left out’ in the city because every other person is speaking in Kannada (yes, that is the most popular language in the city and the local lingo), you must prepare in advance. Take a language course at least 2 months prior to shifting in bengaluru. If you don’t have the time, start the course at your earliest convenience. And make sure you mix and converse with the locals as much as you can – it’s the easiest way of learning a new ‘tongue’.

Travelling inside Bengaluru can be an issue. Not because of lack of transport – the city is well endowed with a robust public transport network featuring virtually every conceivable mode of transport – but the traffic can be exasperating. The extreme rush can also sometimes make procuring a mobile cab service like Uber or Ola difficult. Under the circumstances, the metro or buses are perhaps the best and safest way to make your way around the city. Either way, you have to plan your daily activities well in advance, and keep sufficient time in hand.

June to September is monsoon season in the city of Bengaluru, so prepare in advance. If you are shifting in Bengaluru during this time, it can mean extra precautions, hazards and headaches. There are greater chances of belongings getting damaged or spoilt during the rainy season. Travelling is also more hazardous and susceptible to accidents. It is highly advisable, therefore, to choose the right packer and mover. And never forget to take insurance.

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